N O M A D   C O W B O Y S :
Documentary Short

“Let’s go play a game we’ve never played, in a language we don’t understand, where you could possibly die.”

Vladimir Voronin/AP

Vladimir Voronin/AP

In September of 2016, a group of cowboys and a couple Hollywood actors went to Kyrgyzstan to represent the USA in the "World Nomad Games"— basically Central Asia's Olympics— competing in a strange and brutal sport from the days of Genghis Khan against the world's greatest players.


C o m i n g   S o o n

A wild ride documentary from filmmakers and adventurers Creed Garnick, Brock Harris and Aidan Kahn with cinematography by Axel Lanzenberg. Featuring... Billy Magnussen, Creed Garnick, Brock Harris and others.



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